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Rachael Samonski
May 3, 2022

After years of education and training, the time has finally come to begin your career in gastroenterology. You’ve earned your place in the field, but you still have nerves about jumping in headfirst. Here are five tips for any new GI physician to hit the ground running.

  1. Keep organized

As a resident and medical student, you paid close attention to courses and mentors explaining information. You practiced strict time management, and this will come into play now more than ever. Staying organized early in your career can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed as you begin your first job.

“This is not an easy transition, and your seniors and attendings are always there to support you and help you learn,” Rena Malik, M.D. told

2.  Speak up and ask questions

Making yourself heard early in your career can put you in a position for long-term success. Asking questions shows your willingness to continue to learn and grow as a new GI physician. It can also help seniors within your practice take notice of your effort.

3. Shape and maintain relationships as a new GI physician

Networking and creating relationships with colleagues can provide massive benefits. Relationships with senior physicians can provide insight into tips and tricks for early success. This can also pay off later in your career when potentially looking for your next position. In a recent conversation with Becker’s, David Bridgers, M.D. recommended aligning yourself with colleagues with those who

4. Take time for yourself

Physicians have always struggled with the sensations of burnout and fatigue, especially following the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic. The American Association for Physician Leadership recommends maintaining a balanced diet, plenty of sleep, and a routine exercise schedule to help battle burnout.

Other stress management activities include reading, meditating, yoga, and walking.

Being a new physician can be daunting, but the excitement of what lies ahead should make you proud of your accomplishments and the lives you will impact throughout your career.

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