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Kelly McCormick
October 17, 2022

Are you going to the ACG 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting and Postgraduate Course? Learn what to expect from this year’s event through this conversation with PE GI Solutions Vice President of New Business Development, Jeff Fox, and Vice President of Partnership Development, Ralph Lambiasi.

Answers from Lambiasi will be represented as RL, while answers from Fox will be represented by JF.

Q: What is ACG?

RL: ACG is the American College of Gastroenterology, and the meeting itself is the Annual Scientific Meeting and Postgraduate Course. ACG is a real central hub in the GI industry for a variety of information. You’ll see physicians, fellows, and vendors in attendance to make the most of the knowledge and opportunity provided. It’s a great event where those inside the industry can meet to learn about new advancements and research, trainings, and technologies.

 JF: ACG is the American College of Gastroenterology and is the key medical association for gastroenterologists. This annual meeting is focused on a variety of topics, including continuing education, research, legislative issues, pharma, hands-on training and more. The annual meeting is a combination of all of the above and a business meeting to elect new leaders etc..

Q: What can attendees expect from this year’s event?

RL: Every year ACG provides some spectacular events for those in attendance, either virtually or in-person. This year they are hosting specialized events for fellows surrounding networking and locating their first jobs, a luncheon for women in the GI field, and several non-GI related events around the local area.

JF: Ralph covered a lot of the exciting things that are planned. Along with the range of courses, products, and networking opportunities available, there are also several satellite symposia available on each day of the event. While these are independent of the event itself, it provides a larger educational opportunity for those involved, especially for those attending virtually. One of the great things about ACG is the fact that there is rarely a down moment, there’s always something going on for you to attend.

Q: Why is PE GI Solutions attending the event?

RL:  Our goal in attending the event is to extend the notion of PEGI Solutions being the “go-to” trusted advisor of choice for anything that touches the practice and ASC space in the GI world. We are there to bring awareness to the brand, build connections within the GI physician community, and make doctors aware of practice job openings and ASC partnerships available within our network. More recently, we have also begun a course with the ASGE curriculum around “GI business” for senior fellows and plan on using ACG as a platform to talk about what will be coming up over the next year

JF: There are many reasons we like to attend ACG. We want to meet with physicians to help them understand how our solutions platforms can help them, establish relationships with fellows beginning their job search, and simply staying in the loop with any changes in ACG leadership or guidelines. This event really offers a variety of benefits and opportunities for everyone in attendance.

Q: Where can attendees find PE GI Solutions during the event?

RL: PE GI Solutions will be located at booth number 1304, visible directly from the entrance to the exhibition hall. We appreciate attendees taking the time to speak with us during the event and look forward to showcasing our solutions platforms.

Learn more about PE GI Solutions and our PE Center Solutions and PE Practice Solutions platforms by visiting


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