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Jake Keator
February 24, 2022

ASCs saw less errors, improved outcomes, and higher levels of patient safety in comparison to 2020


A recently released ASC Quality Collaboration report showed that ASCs improved patient safety in Q3 of 2021 in comparison to prior quarters and 2020. According to Becker’s ASC, the report, which combines clinical data from 1,758 ASC’s, provided comparisons between Q3 2021, Q1-Q2 2021 and all of 2020. Below are some of the major points from the report.

Patient falls

Patient falls saw a decrease in Q3 2021, reporting 0.147 falls per 1000 admissions. This is a drop of .034 in comparison to Q2 2021, and a drop of .053 in comparison to Q1 2021. The use of sedation and anesthetics provide opportunities for patient injury due to a fall. However, this improvement shows the continuing dedication to patient safety inside of each ASC.

Hospital transfers and patient safety

A rate of patient transfers to hospitals will occur, according to ASC Quality Collaboration.

“Not all conditions requiring a hospital transfer or admission result from the care the patient received in the ASC, nor can all medical conditions requiring a hospital transfer or admission be anticipated in advance,” the report states. “Therefore, some level of hospital transfer or admission is expected.”

Calculated in rates per 1,000 patients, the report shows that .820 patients were transferred to hospitals per 1,000 admissions. The total was calculated by the 2,031,374 cases represented in the report. This continues a string of decreases from 2020 (.936 to .820).

Wrong site, side, patient, procedure, and impact on patient safety

Occurrences of wrong site, side, procedure, and impact saw a slight increase in comparison to Q2 2021, moving from .024 per 1,000 admissions to .028. The rate of occurrence in all of 2020 was .025.

The rate at which these events occur has been fluctuating as of late, though never rising above .030 per 1,000 admissions.

Rates of all cause emergency hospital admission within one day of discharge

Participating ASCs also reported their lowest number of instances of emergency hospital visits within one day of discharge, according to the report. Data shows the rate of admission into emergency departments was at .740 per 1,000 cases in Q3 2021. This is a noticeable drop from .814 in Q2, and .819 in Q1.

Like hospital transfers, not all instances of emergency admission into a hospital are direct results of procedures performed at ASCs. However, this decrease provides a positive outlook for the remainder of 2022.

To view the full report, click here.