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Deven Stopa
March 1, 2016

Self-Service Check-In Kiosks Provide Opportunities for Streamlining Workflow and Increased Patient Satisfaction

ASC KioskClearwave Corporation announced today a client relationship with PE GI Solutions located in Jamison, Pennsylvania. PE offers flexible partnership models to GI single-specialty ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and provides access to its 110 member staff who support the ASC’s business, clinical and operational components on a daily basis.

PE’s specialty is helping physicians make the most of their time by allowing them to focus on what’s most important — their patients. PE customizes their professional services to each facility’s unique needs to positively impact the center’s bottom line.

“Clearwave allows us to offer a better and faster check-in solution for our clients and saves each center time and money in the long-run with patients spending less time in the waiting room, reducing claim rejections and increasing payment collections. Adding Clearwave to our centers helps in the patient admit process and improves efficiency,” stated Amy Fasti, Executive VP Operations & Revenue Cycle Management, PE GI Solutions.

PE centers provide patients with the highest quality of care in the lowest cost setting, while physician owners benefit from having the most control over their business. PE works with the physicians and staff to ensure everything necessary is available to run a successful center that offers the best service for their patients. With their proven business approach, they provide all the essential resources, knowledge and expertise to each center they manage.

“Clearwave provides an excellent solution for Physicians Endoscopy’s centers. Our goal is to streamline patient registration making it a smoother, easier process for the patient and the provider alike. We are thrilled that Physicians Endoscopy and their centers have selected the Clearwave user group family,” stated Brian Stone, CFO Clearwave Corporation.

About PE GI Solutions

PE GI Solutions (formerly known as Physicians Endoscopy) owns and operates more than 40 GI ASCs across the country, partnering with physicians to assist with ASC development, center management, as well as a full suite of professional services. Since the company was established in 1998, Physicians Endoscopy has grown from a startup to a company with a team of more than 110 professionals. More information may be found at

About Clearwave Corporation

Clearwave Corporation is a premier network provider in Patient Self-Service Registration Solutions and Patient Information Exchange. Clearwave’s software integrates with healthcare providers’ existing systems and processes to verify patient demographics, insurance and payment information, resulting in improved cash flow and administrative processes while enhancing the patient experience.

Clearwave standardizes and automates administrative services through advanced kiosk technology and allows providers to submit cleaner claims, get reimbursed faster, immediate realize cash flow while improving overall patient satisfaction. For more information, please visit

See the original Clearwave press release here:

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