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This article appears in the June 2022 issue of the

PE GI Journal

by Melissa Fray

10 digital initiatives for your practice or center

Digital innovations in the healthcare industry continue to rapidly expand, creating new avenues for improved patient care and efficiencies and better patient experiences. Furthermore, GI practices are well-positioned to take advantage of these innovations. Here are 10 ways your practice or center can incorporate digital and technological initiatives:

Maximize your use of social media.

Social media is increasingly important for reviews and reputation management, and both patients and physicians are using the technology regularly.

Use chatbots on your website.

Chatbots provide access to “on-demand” healthcare, a common expectation of today’s patients. This is because of the increased appetite for digital innovations in healthcare.

Organize your data for higher quality care.

Taking a look at how you organize your practice’s data can pay dividends: It lowers the risk of medication errors, improves preventive care and also makes staffing decisions clearer.

Be open to artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is becoming increasingly integrated into GI processes and technology. Be open to researching AI tech and making it a part of your practice or center.

Maintain and update your patient portal.

As part of the “on-demand” healthcare trend, an updated and unique patient portal can drastically improve your practice or center’s reputation and patient experience.

Continue use of telehealth.

While telehealth use is declining nationally, it still remains a vital piece of patient interaction and efficiency for physicians.

Share your membership in GI organizations/communities.

Actively share and promote your inclusion in various associations and groups via social media. This activity can help improve your reputation and also boost your online identity.

Curate blog and video content.

Hosting a blog where you create or curate relevant GI content can help promote your center or practice as a respected thought leader. Therefore, outside content should be pulled from and attributed to highly-respected GI organizations, such as Becker’s or PE GI Solutions’ PE GI Journal Blog.

Allow for digital navigation (DN) via cellphones.

DN improves the patient experience while decreasing the rate of no-show appointments. DN also allows patients to receive reminders and important information via text message or calendar reminders.

Provide patient feedback opportunities.

Send a feedback form to patients following their visits. This can be done via text messaging or email and can help you target areas of improvement or provide recognition to staff members in well performing aspects.


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