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April 27, 2021

So much of patient outreach depends on gaining and retaining attention through multimedia. This is even more important in today’s post-COVID world. We have seen an increase in cancelled procedures as well as an uptick in screen time and video consumption. Therefore, utilizing video media in patient outreach is a pivotal marketing strategy for GI practices. In fact, Google search engine pages are seeing more video results than ever before. Continue reading for tips to incorporate video marketing for more successful engagement with patients.

Tell your story

Good storytelling includes three elements: structure, style, and dialogue. These elements come together to boost brand reputation, depict your GI practice’s broader strategic objectives They also captivate an audience, which, in this case, is your patient. Telling the story of your practice allows you to humanize your company, put faces to names, and show the patient-physician relationships that make your practice unique.

Shorter over longer

Videos should range from 30 seconds to a minute and half. Shorter marketing videos have shown to perform better than long ones. In order to create short yet powerful visuals, having more than enough content to pull from is a useful patient outreach and video marketing strategy. It can be beneficial to spend a day or two filming and capturing unscripted shots, architecture, medical devises, staff, and patient-ready rooms so that the visuals can be pulled together for high-quality content when you need it.

Play videos in the virtual waiting room of telehealth visits

Taking the opportunity to play media videos while a patient is already attentive to a screen can prove very effective. While in the virtual waiting room for a telehealth visit, the client is already directing their attention to their device. Using this time to showcase your practice’s services, specialties, and devoted customer care can be an optimal chance for visual media to tell a story.

Leverage your corporate partner

Make your corporate partner work for you and use their marketing resources. For example, here at PE GI Solutions, we provide customized video production for our partners highlighting COVID-19 safety precautions, as well as videos for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Corporate partners often have more resources and marketing capabilities. Be sure to use them to the utmost of their capabilities for the benefit of your own GI practice.

Brighid Flynn is an experienced healthcare and wellness writer at PE GI Solutions.

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