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Bronx, NY—PE GI Solutions (formerly Physicians Endoscopy) along with the owners of Mid-Bronx Endoscopy Center, LLC (MBEC) are excited to announce the beginning of operations of their newly constructed endoscopy center located at 51 West Burnside Avenue, Bronx, NY. As of August 2017, MBEC started seeing patients in this state-of-the-art four-room ambulatory surgery center, expecting to serve over 7,000 patients annually.

MBEC is a licensed Article 28 Freestanding Ambulatory Surgical Center dedicated to providing endoscopic procedures. This single-specialty center is a joint venture between Bronx-Lebanon Hospital CenterMorris Heights Health Center, four hospital-employed GI physicians, and four independent gastroenterologists. PE GI Solutions is the management company providing administrative services and working exclusively on the business and operational components of the Center.

PE GI Solutions efficiently navigated the project through the rigorous certificate of need program within New York State’s Department of Health. Upon approval in 2016, PE managed the entire construction process including licensing and accreditation, and together with all owners ensured a successful opening.

“This was an exciting but complicated project. Opening a center in the state of New York is difficult in itself. Obtaining successful CON approval with so many different class owners was a huge challenge. The ability for the physicians, from several different practices, to remain organized throughout the lengthy regulatory process is a testament to their continued partnership. It is very satisfying to meet the expectations of the physicians, hospital, and the health center who were all counting on PE to achieve their goal,” said Carol Stopa, SVP, Business Development of the former Physicians Endoscopy.

“We leverage every opportunity to create a safe, efficient, cost-effective experience for our patients —always putting them first. Physician Endoscopy’s extensive expertise in the GI ASC field supports the health center’s mission to continually improve the outcomes of our service and of our commitment to serving the community,” said Claudette Phipps, Vice President of Fund Development, Planning & External Affairs, Morris Heights Health Center.

“Mid-Bronx Endoscopy Center represents the continued commitment to business and delivery of healthcare in New York City for Physicians Endoscopy and partners in the Center. We are all proud to set a new standard of excellence for endoscopy services in this community,” said Bob Estes, VP Center Development and Implementation, Operations of the former Physicians Endoscopy.

“An unprecedented partnership between Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Morris Heights Health Center, Physicians Endoscopy, and a highly qualified group of GI providers, MBEC is a symbol of our unceasing promise to provide the highest quality of GI endoscopic services, while improving the health of patients in the community,” commented Prospere Remy, MD, Medical Director, Mid-Bronx Endoscopy Center.


PE GI Solutions is a nationally recognized development and management company affiliated with GI-focused ambulatory surgery centers. The company currently operates nearly 60 facilities in 15 states with 23 different hospital systems. Their success is measured in building long-term relationships with physicians and hospitals and impacting communities and patients with a positive healthcare experience. For more information, contact (866) 240-9496.


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