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Jake Keator
December 30, 2021

2021 PE GI Solutions Highlights

As 2021 ends, we look back at some highlights of what proved to be a challenging yet rewarding year. Despite fighting COVID-19 variants, our partners and their staff across the country remained committed to providing high-quality care to patients. Below is a timeline of five of the most notable highlights of 2021 for PE GI Solutions:

March 1st: Physicians Endoscopy becomes PE GI Solutions

Perhaps the biggest highlight of 2021 was the rebrand of Physicians Endoscopy to PE GI Solutions. The move marked the already successful transition into the practice management side of the GI industry. It also allowed us to continue to develop our Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) management and development services.

“We are moving forward and expanding our comprehensive solutions to GI providers,” President and CEO David Young said at the time. “The brand expansion takes us closer to the patients being involved in the practice side of things as well – having the ability to provide GI physicians with support services to cover the spectrum of care from the practice to ancillary services, all the way to ASC’s.”

Furthermore, combined with the strategic joint venture partnership with Capital Digestive Care in August 2019, and the subsequent creation of the PE Practice Solutions platform, PE GI Solutions has seen considerable growth in its practice management operations.

“PE GI Solutions is unique in that it is a holistic solution include full-service management, finance, clinical and designed solely for the GI physician,” Young said. “Operational excellence, information technology, physician recruitment, human resources, and revenue cycle management. Through a series of strategies, it helps GI physicians run payor contracting, marketing, policy advocacy, and specialty their businesses, remain independent, and gain more time and ancillary services. to spend with, and deliver quality care to, patients. It’s an all-encompassing offering for GI physicians.”

While we moved into the practice space, our goal remained the same. We will continue to provide holistic solutions that allow GI physicians to run their business. They will also remain independent, and gain more time to focus on delivering high-quality care to patients.

To read the full press release on our brand expansion click here.

June 15th: PE GI Solutions and Provation enter Master Subscription Agreement

ASC clinicians benefited from a Master Subscription Agreement (MSA) between PE GI Solutions and Provation in June. Under this MSA, clinicians received access to an intuitive platform for procedure documentation and nursing perioperative patient charting. This has since allowed for improvements in business and clinical initiatives.

To read the full press release on this MSA agreement click here.

August 1st: 3 PE GI Solutions affiliated centers receive AAAHC accreditation

In another highlight of 2021, 3 of our centers received accreditation after passing the AAAHC survey in August. The Digestive Disease and Endoscopy Center (WA), South Broward Endoscopy (FL), and Access Surgery Center (NJ) all received the honor from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, INC. Each center was rewarded for showing substantial compliance to AAHC standards.

PE is proud to partner with these three industry-leading endoscopy centers,” says Young. “Our goal as an organization is to advance and improve patient outcomes through clinical and operational excellence—three of our partnering centers being recognized through the AAAHC accreditation demonstrates our commitment to providing a safe and efficient patient experience.”

To view the full press release, click here

October 15th: PE GI Solutions centers named as 2022 Best ASC’s

October saw four of our centers named on the list of 2022 Best ASCs by Newsweek. The list included Central Arizona Endoscopy (No. 6 – Arizona), Mount Sinai-East Side Endoscopy (No. 3 – New York), Carnegie Hill Endoscopy (No. 6 – New York), and Manhattan Endoscopy (No. 9 – New York).

To view the full list of 2022 Best Ambulatory Surgery Centers by Newsweek click here.

September 28th: PE GI Solutions announces successful integration of Specialist of Tidewater

One of the largest moves of the year came in September, when PE GI Solutions announced the integration of Gastroenterology and Liver Specialist of Tidewater (GLST) with our strategic partner, Capital Digestive Care. The move was the largest transaction in GI in the mid-Atlantic region.

“The MSO will play an integral role in the partnership and transition process, providing GLST with access to Capital Digestive Care’s robust infrastructure and advanced systems, processes, IT capabilities, and resources, along with the expertise of top healthcare executives to help GLST further expand clinical programs and business opportunities,” the press release states.

The integration therefore marked a milestone for all three entities, PE GI Solutions, GLST, and Capital Digestive Care. It also reaffirmed the trio’s commitment to high-quality GI care in the mid-Atlantic.

“PE GI Solutions looks forward to supporting the growth and expansion of Gastroenterology and Liver Specialists of Tidewater and Capital Digestive Care through this integration,” said Young. “Through our PE Practice Solutions platform, we will provide the group with the resources they need to enhance patient, physician, and staff experiences.”

To read the full Tidewater integration press release click here.

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