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Rachael Samonski
October 1, 2021

Fredericksburg VA, October 1, 2021— Recently, PE-partnered practice Fredericksburg Endoscopy Center, LLC, in Fredericksburg, Virginia, held an open house to mark months of successful service. The center opened in December of 2020, and this summer, the center physicians celebrated the success of the center and their provision of quality GI care. The grand opening ceremony also recognized the physicians’ hard work and dedication to successful patient outcomes for their community in Fredericksburg, as well as their Medicare certification as a GI center.

Fredericksburg Endoscopy Center, LLC is located at 1211 Central Park Boulevard, Fredericksburg, VA. The center has 9,000 square feet and four procedure rooms, this allows the center to provide a high volume of procedures.

The success of the Fredericksburg Endoscopy Center can be credited to the physicians of Mary Washington Healthcare and Gastroenterology Associates of Fredericksburg and PE GI Solutions. The center’s physicians Frank DeTrane MD, Dong Lee MD, Chetan Pai DO, Peter Wong MD, Narayan Dharel MD, Lisanne Anders MD, Akash Ajmera MD, and Amandeep Kalra MD have enhanced the centers experience through their expertise and passion. All three parties bring specific value to the relationship, which has been the driving force of success for the center this past year.

PE GI Solutions, the physician owners of Fredericksburg Endoscopy Center, and Mary Washington Healthcare are proud of the great work the center has been able to accomplish in the past year.

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