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This article appears in the December 2021 issue of the

PE GI Journal

PE GI Solutions
December 28, 2021

Building a culture of optimism

After the year that employees and employers alike have had, it is no surprise that everyone is hungry for a company culture that has a positive outlook for future growth. Employers can choose to build a culture around various positive values, but the most important to meet this moment is optimism. Here are some strategic actions you can take to encourage a long-term workforce with a positive outlook:

Value human connections above all. Building, maintaining, and valuing personal connections in your workplace is the simplest avenue to achieving an optimistic workforce.

Remember that titles are subjective. Many employees, of all levels, place too much significance on titles and levels within a workplace. Levels can provide clear definition of day-to-day responsibilities. However, they should not define who is responsible for inspiring optimism.

Feed off people’s desire for normalcy. Renewed hope from vaccines is bringing reopening and also a desire to get out into the world safely. Therefore, use this to your advantage and have face-to-face (or mask-to-mask) interactions.

Don’t try to buy optimism. Strive for long-term recognition and appreciation of your staff by compensating them fairly and offering competitive benefits every day, not just on a special day.

Define the type of engagement you are looking for. Set a higher, more specific target for your workplace by encouraging people to share their positive outlooks. For example, instead of asking for comments on work experience, start asking what someone’s favorite part of their position is, or if they have specific growth goals you can help them achieve.