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Small Businesses Struggling to Protect Sensitive Data

The rapid shift toward remote work environments fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic has left many small businesses struggling to protect […]

by Melissa Fray | Read More

Confronting the Nursing Shortage

Many nurses are planning to leave the medical field at the end of 2022. As a result, healthcare providers must [...]

by Kelly McCormick | Read More

“Super Saturday’s” becoming more common in ASCs

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) across the country are still working to combat long surgical backlogs caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

by Melissa Fray | Read More

Topics to Watch For the Remainder of 2022

Learn more about what major changes or events may impact GI physicians for the remainder of 2022. [...]

by Melissa Fray | Read More

FDA Hospital Visits Returning

The FDA is returning to regular volumes of facility inspections visits following a decline in COVID-19 cases [...]

by Rachael Samonski | Read More

Opportunity to Educate

Developments over just the past few years have created significant opportunities and challenges around colorectal cancer detection and prevention. Colon […]

by PE GI Solutions | Read More

Guidance Reduces Barriers to Receiving Screenings

The Biden Administration released updated guidance on January 10th requiring private insurance providers to cover the cost of follow-up colonoscopies […]

by Rachael Samonski | Read More

Gut Bacteria Found to Inhibit COVID-19 Infection

Scientists discover 3 specific bacteria in the gut microbiome that can drastically limit COVID-19 infection [...]

by Melissa Fray | Read More

Setting Goals for 2022

Learning to set achievable goals can determine success for the new year [...]

by Melissa Fray | Read More

PE GI Solutions President & CEO David Young speaks at Becker’s ASC Conference

David Young details state of the GI industry, ASC growth trends and system automation and more. [...]

by David Young, President & CEO | Read More

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