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Young patients using TikTok for GI info

TikTok has become a sensation with younger generations over the past several years. The short-form video content app has amassed […]

by Jake Keator | Read More

Embracing Innovation

10 digital initiatives for your practice or center Digital innovations in the healthcare industry continue to rapidly expand, creating new […]

by Melissa Fray | Read More

Technology and the GI Industry

A conversation with PE GI Solutions Market Presidents Recently PE GI Solutions President and CEO David Young sat down with […]

by Melissa Fray | Read More

What is Patient Engagement?

Patient Engagement is a critical part of patient satisfaction and care for a physician practice or ASC. [...]

by Melissa Fray | Read More

Actionable Accountability

Dr. Brian Dooreck and his CRC POP provides immediate resources for newly diagnosed CRC patients [...]

by Jake Keator | Read More

Improving the Patient Experience with Tech

Technology can provide drastic improvements in patient experience and retention efforts [...]

by Kelly McCormick | Read More

Pros and Cons of Physician’s Social Media

Physicians using social media is now commonplace, but what are the pros and cons of interacting digitally? [...]

by Rachael Samonski | Read More

45 is the new 50: reaching out to a new age group

Physicians, payors, and the healthcare industry continue to adjust to updated screening guidelines released in 2021. These guidelines, provided by […]

by Claudia Sozio | Read More

Discussing CRC Screenings With a New Generation

Helping patients understand the importance of colon cancer screenings [...]

by Rachael Samonski | Read More

Collecting Patients’ Family Medical History

As a physician, having insight into a patient’s family history can help you diagnose several potential medical issues. The process […]

by Jake Keator | Read More

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