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Patient Satisfaction
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4 Best Practices: Educating Patients on GI Health

As a physician, educating patients is a critical piece of providing high quality patient care. [...]

by Jake Keator | Read More

Delivering the Diagnosis

No matter if you are a brand-new physician or an experienced practitioner with years under your belt, delivering a colorectal […]

by Rachael Samonski | Read More

Physicians in Physician-Owned Practices Happier with EHRs

Data shows physicians in physician-owned practices are happier with EHR reporting than non-physician owned locations [...]

by Kelly McCormick | Read More

Combating costs for CRC screenings

As the number of advanced stage colorectal cancer patients continue to rise, GI physicians are looking to continue to provide [...]

by Deven Stopa | Read More

Improving the Patient Experience with Tech

Technology can provide drastic improvements in patient experience and retention efforts [...]

by Kelly McCormick | Read More

ASC Quality Report shows improvements in patient safety in Q3 2021

ASCs saw less errors, improved outcomes, and higher levels of patient safety in comparison to 2020   A recently released […]

by Jake Keator | Read More

Being a Physician With a Purpose

In a time of high physician burnout rates, remind yourself of your calling for medicine [...]

by Kelly McCormick | Read More

Expand Colonoscopy Care

Tips for reducing your patient backlog [...]

by Kelly McCormick | Read More

The Year That Was in GI

6 key takeaways from a roller-coaster year [...]

by David Young, President & CEO | Read More

Enacting Patient Recall Procedures

The process of outlining a framework for your patient recall process may seem daunting. There are several ways to handle […]

by Jake Keator | Read More

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