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What is Patient Engagement?

Patient Engagement is a critical part of patient satisfaction and care for a physician practice or ASC. [...]

by Melissa Fray | Read More

Discussing CRC Screenings With a New Generation

Helping patients understand the importance of colon cancer screenings [...]

by Rachael Samonski | Read More

Intensive Drug Therapy Shown to Reduce Strictures

New research shows drug therapy may reduce stricture-related Crohn’s disease symptoms [...]

by Kelly McCormick | Read More

Recalling Patients to the Office

Getting patients back into your office The balance between relying on the healthcare world for information and patients’ reluctance to […]

by PE GI Solutions | Read More

Expand Colonoscopy Care

Tips for reducing your patient backlog [...]

by Kelly McCormick | Read More

The AI Revolution

How the presence of artificial intelligence is changing GI Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the landscape in nearly every specialty, […]

by Kelly McCormick | Read More

Enacting Patient Recall Procedures

The process of outlining a framework for your patient recall process may seem daunting. There are several ways to handle […]

by Jake Keator | Read More

Measure, Survey & Communication: Patient Recall

COVID has turned the world upside down, especially the healthcare world. The balance of relying on the healthcare world for […]

by Rachael Samonski | Read More

PE GI Solutions Connects with Dr. Jasbir Makker on Hemorrhoids

The taboo topic of hemorrhoids can make it difficult for physicians to properly address diagnosis and treatment with their patients. […]

by Dr. Jasbir Makker | Read More

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